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During the original Voyage of Discovery, Henry Hudson and his crew carefully studied the Hudson River Valley--trying to understand how the river worked, what animals lived in and near it, and how the weather behaved. As we followed their voyage, we also learned a few things....

Shipcraft.. .....River Science...... Presentations

(top) Learning the ropes. Students learn to splice eyes into three strand line.

(below) Close-up of student splicing an eye into a line.

(left) Here our group is learning sea shanties, as a break from the academics. Captain Reynolds and Ms. Dockter sing right along.

(top) Mr. Colley works with the students to learn the basic handling of ropes.

(right) Lucas and Sarah learn knots from the First Mate, Capt. Chalker.

(above) Student sailors learn to work in the rig with Ms. Oosterloo. This requires complete focus on safety.

(below) Ms Oosterloo trains the students in the use of the safety harness before going aloft.