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Half Moon Daily Log

On Henry Hudson's voyage up the Hudson, one of his officers, Robert Juet, kept a log of the ship's navigational record and other observations. This journal is now a valuable source of information about what the Hudson River Valley and its people were like during that September in 1609. It also tells us a lot about what Hudson and his crewmates were like, and how they felt about what they were seeing.

Every day, we will post entries from on board the Half Moon to let you know how our voyage is progressing. While waiting for our 2006 logs, you can click the links below to track the parallel progress of the original Half Moon in 1609, as presented in the journal of Robert Juet. (Juet's original spelling has been preserved; note that English spelling in the 17th century did not follow the standardized rules we use today.)

The two legs of our Fall 2006 Voyage of Discovery parallel the expedition of the original Half Moon as it traveled up what the Dutch called the North River, culminating in their fruitful arrival at the site of modern Albany on September 19th.

We hope these logs, both past and present, will help you learn about what we're discovering, and something about us, too. Check back often!

Click on one of the dates, below, to see what we're doing on that day.

First Leg
Date Travel Locations
September 8 Docked at King Marine, Verplanck, NY
September 9 King Marine, Verplanck, NY to the Pallisades
September 10 The Pallisades to Gravesend Bay
September 11 Gravesend Bay to the Bay Ridge Flats (New York Harbor)
September 12 Lay at the Bay Ridge Flats
September 13 Bay Ridge Flats to Haverstraw Bay
September 14 Haverstraw Bay to King Marine, Verplanck, NY
Second Leg  
Date Travel Locations
September 14 King Marine, Verplanck, NY to Beacon, NY
September 15 Beacon, NY to Rondout Creek, Kingston, NY
September 16 Rondout Creek, Kingston, NY to Duck Cove, Cementon, NY
September 17 Duck Cove, Cementon, NY to Athens Channel, Athens, NY
September 18 Athens Channel, Athens, NY to Port of Albany , Albany, NY
September 19 Port of Albany to Corning Preserve, Albany, NY