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The 2008 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery stands at the heart of a month-long series of activities surrounding the Half Moon's expedition up the Connecticut River. We'll update this page as we complete each program.

Athens to New London Shakedown Voyage

June 20-23: Athens, NY to New London, CT Shakedown Voyage. The Half Moon wrapped up a scheduled maintenance period and traveled to Connecticut in preparation for our Voyage of Discovery.

Dockside Programs

July 5-11: Dockside Programs. Following the Half Moon's arrival at East Hartford, CT, we engaged in a week of tours and educational programs while remaining docked at the campus of our host and sponsor, Goodwin College.

East Hartford to Athens Shakedown Voyage

July 12-17: East Hartford, CT to Athens, NY Shakedown Voyage. The Half Moon will once again set sail and return home to the Hudson River.


Related Programs
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