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Shipcraft: The Crew Rating Log

The Replica Ship Half Moon Crew Rating Log/Replica Schip Halve Maen Bemanning Rang Log is a brand new addition to the Voyage of Discovery program as of the 2009 Fall voyage, though its history actually predates the Voyage of Discovery educational program itself! In 1998, while developing the Voyage of Discovery concept, the Half Moon crew experimented with a program called Sea Cadets. An early version of the Crew Rating Log was central to that idea, and we're happy to bring it back in an updated form to mark the 10th anniversary of the first Voyages of Discovery.

The Crew Rating Log is a 12-page booklet printed in both English and Dutch (English on the right-hand pages, Dutch on the left). Inside, it presents questions and tasks in four categories: Crew Safety (Veiligheid), Arts of the Sailor (Zeemanskunsten), Half Moon History (Halve Maen Geschiedrenis), and Ship Operations (Scheepshandelingen). When a crew member (be they student or senior crew) feels they can demonstrate proficiency with all the challenges listed on a page, they can approach the captain for an official review. If they pass muster, they receive an official stamp and signature and therefore qualifty for the rank assigned to that page.

Crew members can achieve four levels of increasing rank by working their way through the Crew Rating Log. Each rank is based on the actual VOC (Dutch East India Company) command structure, alongside its closest English equivalent. As a side benefit, the side-by-side English and Dutch layout allows students to compare the two languages and possibly even learn a few new words!

Advancement through the Crew Rating Log is optional, though performing the tasks required to earn an official Half Moon crew shirt typically coincides with the skills needed to qualify for the rank of Lichtmatroos or Volmatroos. Like the Task Matrix, the reward is the individual sailor's sense of pride in his or her accomplishments but unlike the Task Matrix, crew members can take their copy of the Crew Rating Log home with them!

On this voyage, Courtney was the first crew member to reach the rank of Ordinary Sailor/Lichtmatroos.

The Replica Schip Half Moon Crew Rating Log

Click here or on the cover to the right to download a .pdf of the Crew Rating Log for yourself (along with a cover you may wish to print out on heavier cardstock or a different color of paper). To access this file, you must install Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not already have this free program, you can download it here (external link).

The Crew Rating Log/Bemanning Rang Log was written by Captain William Reynolds. Editing/design by John W. Mangrum. Dutch translation by Janine Oosterloo with Ewout van Grondelle.

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