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In 1609, Captain Henry Hudson's Voyage of Discovery on board the original d'Halve Maen led to the establishment of New Netherland, a geographically vast Dutch colony that stretched from Delaware Bay, through the Hudson River, and on to the Connecticut River. The Dutch called the Delaware River the South River; the Hudson was known as the North River, and the Connecticut was the Fresh River. For half a century, the Fresh River fostered a unique mix of three distinct cultures: native Indians, Dutch traders, and English settlers.

Although the original d'Halve Maen never visited the Fresh River, we on the Replica Ship Half Moon enjoy re-exploring the Three Rivers of New Netherland. In association with Goodwin College of East Hartford, Connecticut, we have again returned to the "Fresh River" to gather two eager crews of students from the Connecticut River Academy at Goodwin College, the Marine Science Magnet School, and Hale-Ray High School. Join us as our student crews learn about history and the natural world all around them.

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The Daily Log is our way of letting you know each day's events. Lastest Update: The day in pictures for Days Four and Five.

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