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Half Moon Ship's Log

On Henry Hudson's 1609 voyage up the river that now bears his name, one of his officers, Robert Juet, kept a log of the ship's navigational record and other observations. This journal is now a valuable source of information about the what Hudson River Valley and its people were like during that September in 1609. It also tells us a lot about what Captain Hudson and his crew were like, and how they felt about what they were seeing.

Each day, we'll post dispatches from on board the Half Moon to let you see how our voyage is progressing as our student crew recreates Hudson's explorations. While waiting for our logs, you can track the progress of the original d'Halve Maen in 1609, as presented in the journal of Robert Juet. (Juet's original spelling has been preserved; note that English spelling in the 17th century did not follow the standardized rules we use today.)

The two legs of our Fall Voyage of Discovery parallel the expedition of the original d'Halve Maen as it traveled up what Dutch settlers would soon call the North River, culminating in the ship's fruitful arrival at the site of modern Albany on September 19th, 1609.

We hope these logs, both past and present, will help you learn about what we're discovering, and something about us, too. Check back often!

Click on the dispatches below as they appear to see what we're doing on that day. Note that we may occasionally alter a planned course to take shifting weather patterns into account.

Day 1: September 8

Leg 1, Day 1 Log Entries: Welcome Aboard! | Briefing the Crew | The Voyage Begins | Palisades Anchorage | Greetings from Orbit

Day 2: September 9

Leg 1, Day 2 Log Entries: Starting Our Day | Sailing Southward | On Past Manhattan | Charting the Statue of Liberty | Bay Ridge Flats

Day 3: September 10

Leg 1, Day 3 Log Entries: Entering the Hudson | Data Collection | Palisades Anchorage | Quiet Evening

Day 4: September 11

Leg 1, Day 4 Log Entries: Weighing Early | Morning Sail | Aloft and Below | Work, Work, Work! | Haverstraw Bay Layover

Day 5: September 12

Leg 1, Day 5 Log Entries: Last Day | Side Projects | Final Expedition | Team Presentations | Wrapping Up

Day 6: September 13

Leg 1, Day 6 Log Entries: Verplanck Departure

Leg 2, Day 1 Log Entries: The New Crew | Through the Misty Highlands | Evening at Constitution Island

Day 7: September 14

Leg 2, Day 2 Log Entries: Exploring Constitution Island | On Through Newburgh Bay | Learning the Ropes | Kingston Anchorage

Day 8: September 15

Leg 2, Day 3 Log Entries: Weighing Anchor | Cementon Interlude | Moving On | Athens Channel Arrival

Day 9: September 16

Leg 2, Day 4 Log Entries: Rise and Shine | Athens Layover | Working Out or Just Out Working? | Evening at Athens Channel

Day 10: September 17

Leg 2, Day 5 Events: Data collection concludes; Athens Channel to Schodack Creek.

Day 11: September 18

Leg 2, Day 6 Planned Itinerary: Student reports; Schodack Creek to Henry Hudson Park.

Day 12: September 19

Day 12 Planned Itinerary: Students from the first leg reboard at Henry Hudson Park; voyage concludes at Albany, NY at noon.

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