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Meet the Crew

You can either scroll through these pages or click on a face to jump directly to that crew member. On this page, we salute the morale boosters and volunteers who've directly assisted this Voyage of Discovery from dockside.

Pauli DangerousliFrank & Angela LauferCoery Cumming

Shore Supporters

Pauli Dangerousli

Pauli Dangerousli

This is Pauli Dangerousli's third year with the Half Moon. He accounts himself a sailor, a musician, a healer, and a philosopher.

Mr. Dangerousli joined us at the King Marine dock on Day Two of the transit voyage, simply intending to help tend our mooring lines, but was persuaded to join the crew for the final leg of the journey to Staten Island. On Day Five of the Voyage of Discovery, he returned to King Marine to assist with our crew transfer.


Frank & Angela Laufer

Rachel Laufer's parents joined us at the King Marine dock in Verplanck on Day Two of the transit voyage to help tend our lines (and to collect their daughter).

Special Guests

Corey Cumming

Corey Cumming

Born in the Netherlands but a longtime resident of the Verplanck area, Corey Cumming has been a dear friend and devout supporter of the Half Moon for many years. During the crew transfer at King Marine on Day Five of the Voyage of Discovery, Ms. Cumming joined us on board to celebrate her 80th birthday.

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