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During the original Half Moon's Voyage of Discovery, Henry Hudson and his crew acted as natural scientists, carefully studying the Hudson River Valley, trying to understand how the river worked, what animals lived in and near it, and how the weather behaved. As we explore the Fresh River of modern New Netherland, we also learn a few things.

We'll update this page with new entries as our crew members progress through their Voyage of Discovery.

Closeups of a titration test in action.River Science

We use both traditional and modern techniques to better understand the waters on which we sail.

Celestial Tracking
Cloud Cover
The Deck Log
Lines of Position
Mechanical Advantage
Relative Humidity
Statistical Analysis
Water Depth
Wind Speed

Closeup of a student's hands tying a knot.Shipcraft

Crewing a sailing ship requires a lot of new skills. Look over our shoulders as we learn how to stand watch, splice rope, and set the main course.

The Duty Roster
Line Handling
Sail Handling
Working the Rig
Anchor Watch
Half Moon History
The Task Matrix

Closeup of a student's hands writing notes.Presentations

We don't just learn new things... we teach our crewmates what we've learned, too. Click here or on the image to the right to learn more!

Closeup of the Crew Rating Log lying open.Crew Rating Log

The Replica Ship Half Moon Crew Rating Log (Replica Schip Halve Maen Bemanning Rang Log) allows new crew members to track their progress as they learn valuable skills. Click here or on the book to learn more!

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