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Daily Log: Saturday, September 10

0700 hours

Starting Position: Anchored at Gravesend Bay.
Latitude: N 40˚ 35.5'
Longitude: W 074˚ 00.3'

Day Two of the first leg of the 2011 Fall Voyage of Discovery.

Enjoy the day in pictures as our crew gets oriented to life on board and we move inland from Gravesend Bay to Bay Ridge Flats.

1000 hours



1100 hours




1145 hours



1200 hours



1215 hours


1230 hours




1245 hours



1300 hours


1345 hours


1400 hours



1430 hours


1445 hours





1500 hours


1515 hours



Mouse over to approve the promotion!
Johanan gets the stamp of approval.

1530 hours




Mouse over to explain the capstan!
Captain Reynolds explains the capstan.


1600 hours



1630 hours


1645 hours


Mouse over to toss the bucket!
Emily heaves a bucket overboard.

1700 hours



1730 hours


1745 hours




1800 hours



1830 hours



1845 hours






1900 hours



1930 hours


2000 hours

Ending Position: Anchored at Bay Ridge Flats.
Latitude: N 40˚ 39.6'
Longitude: W 074˚ 02.0'

Next Time: Data Collection begins!

Robert Juet's Journal: September 10th, 1609

Having remained at anchor in Raritan Bay since September 5th, d'Halve Maen weighs anchor at noon and continues working its way around Staten Island. d'Halve Maen has not yet reached the Hudson River; Juet's mention of "the River" likely refers to the Narrows, current site of the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.

The tenth, faire weather, wee rode still till twelue of the clocke. Then we weighed and went ouer, and found it shoald all the middle of the Riuer, for wee could finde but two fathoms and a halfe, and three fathomes for the space of a league; then wee came to three fathomes, and foure fathomes, and so to sueuen fathomes, and Anchored, and rode all night in soft Ozie ground. The banke is Sand.

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