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Daily Log: Sunday, September 11

0700 hours

Starting Position: Anchored at Bay Ridge Flats.
Latitude: N 40˚ 39.6'
Longitude: W 074˚ 02.0'

Day Three of the first leg of the 2011 Fall Voyage of Discovery.

Enjoy the day in pictures as we enter the Hudson River and prepare for our research projects.

0830 hours


0945 hours



1130 hours





1215 hours


Mouse over to sling the psychrometer!
Johanan uses the sling psychometer.




1315 hours


1330 hours



1415 hours




1445 hours




Mouse over to sweat and tail!
Mae, Ms. DuBois, and Ms. Niehaus sweat and tail a tackle.

1500 hours


1515 hours




Mouse over to check Anthony's results!
Anthony attains the rank of Ordinary Sailor.

1530 hours







1545 hours


1600 hours




1615 hours


Mouse over to
The crew walks the capstan.





Mouse over to reel in the anchor chain!
The anchor chain enters the hawsehole.

1630 hours





1700 hours


1745 hours


1815 hours


1830 hours


1900 hours


1915 hours


1930 hours





2000 hours



2115 hours

Ending Position: Anchored off the Palisades.
Latitude: N 40˚ 56.3'
Longitude: W 073˚ 55.0'


2130 hours


Next Time: Data collection!

Robert Juet's Journal: September 11th, 1609

d'Halve Maen enters what is today known as the Upper New York Harbor, and the crew instantly recognizes its value as a port. Local Lenape row out to the ship to present gifts to their European visitors. Captain Hudson and his crew accept these gifts, yet remain wary of another potential attack.

The eleuenth, was faire and very hot weather. At one of the clocke in the after-noone, wee weighed and went into the Riuer, the wind at South South-west, little winde. Our soundings were seuen, sixe, fiue, sixe, seuen, eight, nine, ten, twelue, thirteene, and fourteene fathomes. Then it shoald againe, and came to fiue fathomes. Then wee Anchored, and saw that it was a very good Harbour for all windes, and rode all night. The people of the Countrey came aboord of vs, making shew of loue, and gaue vs Tobacco and Indian Wheat and departed for that night; but we durst not trust them.

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