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Daily Log: Wednesday, September 14

0630 hours

Starting Position: Anchored at Haverstraw Bay.
Latitude: N 41˚ 12.8'
Longitude: W 073˚ 56.4'

Day Six, the final day of the first leg of the 2011 Fall Voyage of Discovery. Today also marks Day One of the second leg; click here to jump to the arrival of our new student crew.

Enjoy the day in pictures as our first-leg students conclude their voyage.

0730 hours





0745 hours


0800 hours


0830 hours



0845 hours



0900 hours






Mouse over to secure Ms. Niehaus!


0915 hours


0930 hours

Ending Position: Docked at King Marine in Verplanck, NY.
Latitude: N 41˚ 15.2'
Longitude: W 073˚ 58.0'


1045 hours


Mouse over to jump in on the hugging action!
The first leg crew hugs.

1200 hours


Next Time: A new adventure begins in September 14, Day Two!

Robert Juet's Journal: September 14th, 1609

d'Halve Maen passes through the Hudson Highlands before anchoring in what is now known as Newburgh Bay.

The fourteenth, in the morning being very faire weather, the wind South-east, we sayled vp the Riuer twelue leagues, and had fiue fathoms, and fiue fathoms and a quarter lesse; and came to a Streight between two Points, and had eight, nine, and ten fathoms: and it trended North-east by North, one league: and wee had twelue, thirteene, and fourtene fathomes. The Riuer is a mile broad: there is very high Land on both sides. Then wee went vp North-west, a league and an halfe deepe water. Then North-east by North fiue miles; then North-west by North two leagues, and anchored. The Land grew very high and Mountainous. The Riuer is full of fish.

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