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Daily Log: Tuesday, September 13

0700 hours

Starting Position: Anchored off the Palisades.
Latitude: N 40˚ 56.3'
Longitude: W 073˚ 55.0'

Day Five of the first leg of the 2011 Fall Voyage of Discovery, and the final full day on board for our first-leg student crew.

Enjoy the day in pictures as we travel to Haverstraw Bay and the students deliver their presentations.

Mouse over to walk the upper capstan!

0800 hours


Mouse over to tend the lower capstan!


0815 hours




Mouse over to haul in the chain!
The capstan crew works as the ship floats before the Palisades.



0830 hours



0845 hours


1030 hours



1130 hours




Mouse over to sweat the anchor tackle!

1145 hours


Mouse over to pull the fid!


Ending Position: Anchored at Haverstraw Bay.
Latitude: N 41˚ 12.8'
Longitude: W 073˚ 56.4'


1200 hours





1245 hours


1415 hours




1530 hours




1600 hours



1630 hours






1645 hours



1800 hours



1815 hours



1915 hours


Next Time: Meet the New Crew!

Robert Juet's Journal: September 13th, 1609

d'Halve Maen continues four miles upriver in the morning, then sets anchor to wait out the ebb tide. While waiting, they trade for oysters with the local Lenape. Once the tide turns to the flood again in the afternoon, they sail another eight miles or so before anchoring for the night, most likely at the southern end of Haverstraw Bay. The "high point of Land" Juet sees is the highlands beyond what is now Tarrytown.

The thirteenth, faire weather, the wind Northerly. At seuen of the clocke in the morning, as the floud came we weighed, and turned foure miles into the Riuer. The tide being done wee anchored. Then there came foure Canoes aboord: but suffered none of them to come into our ship. They brought great store of very good Oysters aboord, which wee bought for trifles. In the night I set the variation of the Compasse, and found it to be 13.degrees. In the after-noone we weighed, and turned in with the floud, two leagues and a halfe further, and anchored all night, and had fiue fathoms soft Ozie ground, and had an high point of Land, which shewed out to vs, bearing North by East seuen leagues off vs.

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