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Daily Log: Tuesday, July 5

0700 hours

Starting Position: Docked at Seaboard Marina, South Glastonbury, CT.
Latitude: N 41˚ 38.6'
Longitude: W 072˚ 37.2'

Day Six of the first leg of the 2011 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery.

Enjoy the day in pictures while we complete the full log.

0800 hours




0815 hours


0945 hours




1000 hours


Mouse over to fire the... bilge pump?
Lydia practices firing a cannon using a stand-in bilge pump.



Mouse over for a closer look.
A distant view of Goodwin College from downriver.


1030 hours


1045 hours



1100 hours



1115 hours



1130 hours



1145 hours






1200 hours



Mouse over to fire the final salute!
Lydia fires the stern chaser.

1215 hours


Final Position: Docked at Goodwin College Riverside Campus, East Hartford, CT.
Latitude: N 41˚ 44.4'
Longitude: W 072˚ 38.3'



1230 hours






1245 hours






1300 hours


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