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Senior Crew

William Reynolds, Ship's Captain

William Reynolds: Ship's Captain

Captain William Reynolds has been captain of the Half Moon and Director of the New Netherland Museum since 1998. Before coming to the Half Moon, he captained numerous seagoing vessels, both historical and industrial. His background also includes training and work in the environmental sciences. He currently lives with his family in Selkirk, NY, and is looking forward to seeing the new student crew meet the challenges this Voyage of Discovery places before them.

Marco Burmester

Marco Burmester

Marco Burmester first joined the Half Moon in the summer of 2009 for a day-long visit — the first crew member ever to join the ship by way of jet-ski (and the assistance of many unknown helpers). Mr. Burmester is a banker from Germany who has been in New York City for the last seven years. He very much takes advantage of New York's theaters and music scene, being a musician himself.

Bob Hansen

Bob Hansen

Ship's mate Bob Hansen started sailing on the Hudson on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater; later, on two engineless sloops. Since the 1990s, he has served as a volunteer and mate on the schooners Spirit of Massachusetts and Ernestina, as well as other vessels.

Having recently retired from a career as a self-styled "bureaucrat" with the New York State government, Mr. Hansen has now turned his attention to serving as second-in-command on board the Half Moon.


Ralf Hensel

Ralf Hensel

Ralf Hensel is a cabinetmaker and Cultural Scientist M.A. He hails from Frisia, Germany, on the North Sea coast. He met the ship’s former boatswain, Janine Oosterloo, and so heard about the possibility to volunteer on the Half Moon. He had sailed before on the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean, but never before on such a beautiful ship — so he took his chance! Ralf is joining us this fall for his third Voyage of Discovery.

Boyd HottensteinBoyd Hottenstein earns his crew shirt

Boyd Hottenstein

Several years ago, Boyd Hottenstein spent a summer on the Half Moon while installing extensive material upgrades. He's glad to finally sail on his first voyage aboard.

John W. Mangrum

John W. Mangrum

Originally hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, John W. Mangrum holds one of the most anachronistic positions the crew of a 17th-century wooden sailing ship could imagine: the Half Moon's webmaster. Seldom seen in front of the camera, the self-titled "Ship's Chronicler" oversees the daily updates to this website during our voyages. A roleplaying game designer in a past life, Mr. Mangrum has been sailing on board the Half Moon since the summer of 2004. What started as a simple, impromptu dockside tour of the ship has since turned into a life of adventure.

Steve McLaughlin

Steve McLaughlin

Steve McLaughlin loves to cook and has wanted to crew on the Half Moon since his daughter sailed on the 2004 Fall Voyage of Discovery. Recently retired from the N.Y.S. Department of Health, Mr. McLaughlin has eagerly returned for yet another voyage.

Caroyln Niehaus

Carolyn Niehaus

Carolyn Niehaus has been an active member of the Half Moon since 1999 and first sailed as a Voyage of Discovery student in the fall of 2000. Now, Carolyn enjoys working with the Half Moon both on the ship and in the office.

Ms. Niehaus is on board for the first day and a half of the voyage, after which she must return to the home office.



Jennifer Reilly

Jennifer Reilly

Jennifer Reilly teaches science at Connecticut River Academy and is an experienced sailor on the Half Moon crew. Her early Half Moon voyages prepared her for a previous career as a professional rigger on ships for Hollywood. She now lives in Connecticut with her husband and the two cutest kids in the world, both of whom have also spent time sailing on board.

Ellen Roth earns her crew shirtEllen Roth

Ellen Roth

There once was a teacher named Roth
Who was challenged to go up aloft
But she figured t'was time
To not fear the grime
And go sailing on frolicking waters.

Michele SaulisMichele Saulis earns her crew shirt

Michele Saulis

Michele Saulis is the environmental theme coach at Connecticut River Academy. She hopes to learn about the Hudson River and help our students compare its features with the Connecticut River. She also wants to get to know the scholars on this voyage so she can help them learn and appreciate our extraordinary experience.

Jason Shorthouse earns his crew shirtJason Shorthouse

Jason Shorthouse

Jason Shorthouse served as a Half Moon crew member in 1998 and 1999. He lives in Atlanta, and is excited to be back on board, trying to remember all the training he's forgotten.

Woody Woodworth

Woody Woodworth

Woody Woodworth has a home in Schenectady, NY. He has worked as a professional photographer for 28 years. He joined the Half Moon in 1998 and is best known for keeping the ship's head working.

Shore Support
Kipp van Aken

Kipp van Aken

Kipp van Aken is serving as the Half Moon's chief engineer. Mr. Van Aken has a background in history, anthropology, and business, is a graduate of Hope College , and holds an MBA. He is a veteran of the US Navy Submarine Force and is retired from Southern California Edison's San Onofre Nuclear Station. He is a direct descendant of three early Dutch families in New York and is an original shareholder of the ship.

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