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River Science: Wildlife

An aquarium fully stocked with saltwater flora and fauna from the Connecticut coast.

Although none of our students are specifically studying the river ecology on this Voyage of Discovery, the Half Moon still provides us with an excellent vantage point to examine the flora and fauna of the Hudson River and New York Harbor.

Mouse over to wake the jellyfish.
A jellyfish squirms in the collection bucket.

During our data collection layover on the Kill Van Kull, we took groups of students out on Zodiac expeditions to explore the nearby marine environment and search for specimens of native plant and animal life to study.

Several expeditions returned with seaweed and various live jellyfish, including the one seen squirming here.

The students also managed to collect several small crab specimens.

The animals' time on board the Half Moon was short, since we don't happen to be equipped with our full aquarium rig on this voyage. Each bucket was brought onto the ship for about an hour for the students to examine before the creatures were returned to the Kill Van Kull.

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