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Daily Log: Monday, September 12

0700 hours

Current Position: Anchored off the Palisades.
Latitude: N 40˚ 56.3'
Longitude: W 073˚ 55.0'

Day Four of the first leg of the 2011 Fall Voyage of Discovery.

Enjoy the day in pictures as we remain anchored off the Palisades, giving the student crew time to concentrate on collecting data for their projects.

0800 hours


0815 hours


0830 hours



1000 hours


1130 hours


1200 hours




1230 hours



1345 hours



1430 hours



1500 hours





1530 hours




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1545 hours




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1600 hours





1630 hours


1645 hours



1730 hours



1815 hours




1830 hours





1845 hours


1930 hours




2100 hours



Next Time: Student Presentations!

Robert Juet's Journal: September 12th, 1609

d'Halve Maen enters the Hudson River in the belief that this broad, deep estuary may be their hard-sought northwest passage. The ship is approached by Lenape whom Henry Hudson records as the Manahata, a tribe which lived on both sides of the river's mouth. Although still distrustful, the Halve Maen crew trades for oysters and beans to add to their provisions. Juet never refers to the Hudson by any name other than "the River"; the Lenape at the river's mouth called it Muhheakantuck, while the Mohicans the Halve Maen would encounter upriver knew it as Muh-he-kun-ne-tuk: "the river that flows both ways." The Dutch settlers of New Netherland called this the North River, a name still in common use among the city's tugboat operators today. The ship's anchorage tonight is probably located somewhere roughly near the modern site of the George Washington Bridge.

The twelfth, very faire and hot. In the after-noone at two of the clocke wee weighed, the winde being variable, between the North and the North-west. So we turned into the Riuer two leagues and Anchored. This morning at our first rode in the Riuer, there came eight and twentie Canoes full of men, women, and children to betray us; bvt we saw their intent, and suffered noone of them to come aboord of vs. At twelue of the clocke they departed. They brought with them Oysters and Beanes, whereof wee bought some. They haue great Tabacco pipes of yellow Copper, and Pots of Earth to dress their meate in. It floweth South-east by South within.

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