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As our Voyage of Discovery proceeds, we'll use this page to share what we've learned with you. Click on the icons below as we add them to view individual entries.

River ScienceRiver Science

We use both traditional and modern techniques to better understand the waters in which we sail.


Crewing a sailing ship requires a lot of new skills. Look over our shoulders as we learn how to stand watch, splice rope, and set the main course.

Anchor Watch
Duty Roster
Half Moon History
Sail Handling
Task Matrix
Working the Rig

Crew Rating Log

The Replica Ship Half Moon Crew Rating Log (Replica Schip Halve Maen Bemanning Rang Log) allows new crew members to track their progress as they learn valuable skills. Click here or on the image to the right to learn more!


Crew Rating LogCelestial Tracking

Research Team: Hannah, Kevon, Andrew, and Rachael
Senior Advisor: Ms. Falvey
Orientation | Data Collection | Presentation | Summary

Crew Rating LogMechanical Advantage

Research Team: Liz, Greg, Cameron C., and Kristen
Senior Advisor: Ms. Pac
Orientation | Data Collection | Presentation | Summary

Crew Rating LogSalinity & Turbidity

Research Team: Luseldi, Kelvin, Cameron S., and Evan
Senior Advisor: Mr. Gonzalez
Orientation | Data Collection | Presentation | Summary

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