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Meet the Crew

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Captain William ReynoldsKipp Van AkenMarion Bruijn & Nico GansKevin DanielsMichael DorabyMike GrabBob HansenRalf HenselDavey JackoweDan KelleyKatrina KorfmacherStephan Korfmacher
Mary LattariJohn W. MangrumRichard MyersCarolyn NiehausPatrick NoonanMariola SawickaAlexander SharpeBill StevensJohn SwartwoutDavid TeutenJim TraubAnita WaiboerDave Wilber

William Reynolds, Ship's Captain

William Reynolds: Ship's Captain

Captain William "Chip" Reynolds has been captain of the Half Moon and Director of the New Netherland Museum since 1998. Before coming to the Half Moon, he captained numerous seagoing vessels, both historical and industrial. His background also includes training and work in the environmental sciences. He currently lives with his family in Selkirk, NY, and is looking forward to seeing the new student crew meet the challenges this Voyage of Discovery places before them.

Crew member Kipp Van Aken

Kipp Van Aken

Kipp Van Aken is serving as the Half Moon's chief engineer. Mr. Van Aken has a background in history, anthropology, and business, is a graduate of Hope College, and holds an MBA. He is a veteran of the US Navy Submarine Force and is retired from Southern California Edison's San Onofre Nuclear Station. He is a direct descendant of three early Dutch families in New York and is an original shareholder of the ship.

Crew members Marion Bruijn & Nico Gans

Marion Bruijn & Nico Gans
Cook; Starboard Watch

Marion Bruijn & Nico Gans live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. This is their second trip on the Half Moon, and they spend their summers as sailing instructors on small open boats in the province of Friesland.

Marion, 59, is a self-employed pharmacist and business consultant; she currently teaches pharmacotherapy to medical students at the University of Amsterdam. She is serving as cook during this voyage.

Nico, 64, recently retired as a mediator and consultant in the field of health care insurance. He has a background in law and economics.

Crew member Kevin Daniels

Kevin Daniels
Port Watch

Kevin Daniels is from Rochester, NY. He's the proud father of three boys. Amongst other things, he writes a sci-fi humor blog, spazangles.blogspot.com (external link).

Crew member Michael Doraby

Michael Doraby
Port Watch

Michael Doraby is completely enjoying his time on board. Although he helped build, maintain, and sail the good ship Onrust, the Half Moon is a lovely ship in its own right. The captain and crew are very competent, and nice folks, too.

Crew member Mike Grab

Mike Grab
Port Watch

Mike Grab is from the Hershey, PA area. He enjoys camping on the Susquuhanna River where Millesburg ferry crosses the river. He does most of his sailing in a modified john boat due to shallow water. He thinks this is a great experience, and offers his thanks for having him.

Crew member Bob Hansen

Bob Hansen

Ship's mate Bob Hansen started sailing on the Hudson on the Hudson River Sloop Clearwater; later, on two engineless sloops. Since the 1990s, he has served as a volunteer and mate on the schooners Spirit of Massachuesetts and Ernestina, as well as other vessels.

Having recently retired from a career as a self-styled "bureaucrat" with the New York State government, Mr. Hansen has now turned his attention to serving as second-in-command on board the Half Moon.


Crew member Ralf Hensel

Ralf Hensel

Ralf Hensel is a cabinetmaker and Cultural Scientist M.A. He hails from Frisia, Germany, on the North Sea coast. He met the ship’s former boatswain, Janine Oosterloo, and so heard about the possibility to volunteer on the Half Moon. He had sailed before on the North Sea, the Baltic Sea, and the Mediterranean, but never before on such a beautiful ship — so he took his chance! This marks his third Voyage of Discovery.

Crew member Davey Jackowe

Davey Jackowe
Starboard Watch

He, too, is an old boy. A physician by training, Davey Jackowe practiced in Polynesia before returning to his home on the Hudson. He is fond of old churches, silver clouds, and summers in Ajaccio.

Crew member Dan Kelley

Dan Kelley
Starboard Watch

Dan Kelley has over forty years of sailing experience, from Maine to Virginia. He owns a 34 ft. sailboat that his father purchased as a kit.

Crew member Katrina Korfmacher

Katrina Korfmacher
Starboard Watch

Katrina Korfmacher is an environmental policy scientist who works at the University of Rochester, which is much too far from salt water.

Crew member Stephan Korfmacher

Stefan Korfmacher
Starboard Watch

Stefan is 11 and is sailing on the Half Moon for the first time. Some of his favorite things are science, water, and photography.

Crew member Mary Lattari

Mary Lattari
Starboard Watch

Mary Lattari, from Pleasantville, NY, is a mom, social worker, sailor, and pirate-in-training. This is her first voyage on the Half Moon hopefully it won't be her last. She fell in love with the ship the moment she laid eyes on it. The love affair continues... Ms. Lattari thanks Captain Reynolds and the crew for the adventure of a lifetime!

Crew member John W. Mangrum

John W. Mangrum

Originally hailing from the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, John W. Mangrum holds one of the most anachronistic positions the crew of a 17th-century wooden sailing ship could imagine: the Half Moon's webmaster. Seldom seen in front of the camera, the self-titled "Ship's Chronicler" oversees the daily updates to this website during our voyages. A roleplaying game designer in a past life, Mr. Mangrum has been sailing on board the Half Moon since the summer of 2004. What started as a simple, impromptu dockside tour of the ship has since turned into a life of adventure.

Crew member Richard Myers

Richard Myers
Port Watch

Richard Myers is retired and a resident of Fonda, NY.

Crew member Carolyn Niehaus

Carolyn Niehaus
2000 Fall Voyage of Discovery Alumna

Carolyn Niehaus has been an active member of the Half Moon since 1999 when she started giving tours as a docent through her social studies class. Ms. Niehaus is an alumna of the Fall 2000 Voyage of Discovery, as well as other voyages, and is happy to be back with the New Netherland Museum.


Crew member Patrick Noonan

Patrick Noonan
Starboard Watch Leader

Returning for a second season aboard the Half Moon, this former Coast Guardsman hails from the Connecticut River (Northampton MA). He is pursuing his longtime childhood dream of sailing on a tall ship. Patrick is the father of three and grandfather to two. He is currently employed by UPS at the Bradley Air Hub in Windsor Locks, CT.

Crew member Mariola Sawicka

Mariola Sawicka
Port Watch

Mariola Sawicka was born in Poland. In 1992, she sailed from Spain to New York, but since then she almost hasn't sailed at all. Thus, she's so happy to be here. This is her first time on the Half Moon and she loves it. She hopes to come back soon. She offers her thanks for inviting her on board.

Crew member Alexander Sharpe

Alexander Sharpe
Starboard Watch

Alexander Sharpe is a student from NYC. His main interests are sailing and photography. He has sailed on a variety of vessels, including the barque Europa and the schooner Pioneer. He also enjoys traveling and playing guitar.

Crew member Bill Stevens

Bill Stevens
Starboard Watch

Bill Stevens is a lifetime native of the Albany area. He is an avid bicyclist and is now falling in love with sailing on the Half Moon. He is the father of two wonderful children and grandfather of two fantastic, loving grandchildren.

Ccrew member John Swartwout

John Swartwout
Port Watch

Mr. Swartwout is an Environmental Engineer who works for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation in Albany. He is a graduate of Shaker High School in Latham, NY, and Lehigh University in Bethlehem, PA. He is serving as an advisor on this voyage for the student science projects. Mr. Swartwout's ancestor, Thomas Swartwout, arrived in New Amsterdam in 1652 when Peter Stuyvesant was Goveror General of the Dutch colony of New Netherland! The family has remained in the Hudson Valley since that time.

Crew member David Teuten

David Teuten
Port Watch

David Teuten is a substitute teacher, a retired New York state employee, a sailor, a grandpa, and a husband.

Crew member Jim Traub

Jim Traub
Starboard Watch

Jim Traub is a resident of New London, CT and a part-time deckhand. He is the father of Emilie, Olivia, and Guillaume.

Crew member Anita Waiboer

Anita Waiboer

Hallo, mijn naam is Anita Waiboer. Ik kom uit Nederland. Back home, Anita Waiboer is a P.S. teacher. She arrived in Albany on August 9th to work on the Half Moon, and thinks the first weeks on this beautiful ship have been wonderful. She is looking forward to sailing with the students. It's a very unique experince and one of the best choices she's made in her life. Hope to see you soon on the Half Moon!

Crew member Dave Wilber

Dave Wilber
Port Watch Leader

Dave Wilber, of Vischer Ferry, NY, is on his fifth voyage on the Half Moon. A business analyst in the power industry, Mr. Wilber is an avid downhill skier in winter. He builds cedar strip canoes that he paddles and sometimes sails on the many Adirondack Lakes.

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