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Day Six: Friday, October 15th, 2010

0700 hours

Starting Position: Docked at Seaboard Marina, Glastonbury, CT.
Latitude: 41˚ 39.0' N
Longitude: 072˚ 37.3' W

The sixth and final day of the 2010 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery.

0715 hours

Today is a day for congratulation and celebration. As soon as the crew is up on their feet, we award each of our new crew members with their official (and exclusive) crew shirts, marking the successful completion of their (first?) voyage on the Half Moon.

0745 hours

Following the shirt ceremony, we cast off our lines and pull away from the Seaboard Marina dock. We're scheduled to arrive at the Goodwin Riverside Campus at noon, and we want to give ourselves plenty of time to get there.

0800 hours

The Half Moon's inflatable tender boat has spent the night docked alongside the ship. We haul it free of the water and head upriver.

0845 hours

The galley brings up a humble breakfast of blueberry crumble for the crew to enjoy while we continue on our way.

0900 hours

This far up the Connecticut River, we are reaching what is, for the Half Moon, the limits of navigation.

The navigable channel from Glastonbury to Hartford is very narrow, with the river's depth often dropping to just a few feet just beyond the channel's largely unseen borders.

Captain Reynolds closely monitors our position from the Quarter deck throughout the morning.

Meanwhile, standard duties continue elsewhere on the ship. Wilberto and Daniel are currently cleaning up after breakfast.

0915 hours

We want the ship to look its best for our arrival, so we break out the hose and brushes for a quick deck wash. Somehow, we doubt we'll see any summertime water fights break out this morning!

0930 hours

During the deck wash, Solange keeps her feet dry while steering in the helm hutch.

As we approach East Hartford, we dispatch Mr. Hansen, Mr. Hensel, Ms. Reilly, and Wilberto in the Zodiac to scout ahead and inspect the Goodwin dock. We know the dock itself is fine (this will be our third visit, after all), but we need to check the river's height and any debris that may have been swept downriver following recent storms.

0945 hours

Mr. Mangrum is taking a break from his computer screen this morning to... stare at some completely different computer screens! With the captain out on the Quarter deck watching the real-world conditions, Mr. Mangrum is monitoring the ship's navigational computer to track our position within the channel in real time, much as you can do here.

1000 hours

One last hurdle remains between us and our destination: the Route 3 Bridge.

Mouse over to test the bridge!
The fore mast narrowly passes under a bridge.

Ms. Waiboer ascends the fore mast to gauge the bridge's height. No worries; we have at least 20 feet of clearance.

1030 hours

The crew are decked out in their best orange as reach the end of our voyage.

Belowdecks, the students are packing the last of their gear. By tonight, they'll be back in their own homes.

1045 hours

We have our first sighting of the Goodwin Riverside campus!

We've arrived with time to spare, so we hold position right where we are. Once we round that bend, a westerly wind will try to push us into the eastern shore, but we remain sheltered where we are.

The galley sends up snacks and an early lunch while we wait.

While Daniel and Kelsey bring up the food, Mr. Woodworth and Claudio bring out one of the Half Moon's swivel guns.

400 years ago, guns like this were used for the ship's defense, but we'll be using it to fire a salute to our hosts. Claudio and Solange help Mr. Woodworth set it up on the starboard rail.

1100 hours

We aren't due at the dock for another hour, so the crew relaxes while we wait.

1115 hours

With our final approach imminent, Captain Reynolds briefs the crew on what to expect once we reach shore.

1130 hours

Time to go! All hands on deck!

Mouse over for full throttle!
Mr. Hansen and Wilberto zip about in the Zodiac.

The Zodiac has returned to drop Mr. Hensel back off on the ship. Ms. Reilly has remained on shore to handle our dock lines, and Wilberto stays in the Zodiac with Mr. Hansen. They'll help guide the ship into port, like a miniature tugboat but for the moment they zip a few laps around the ship just for fun.

Our crew members are excited about seeing their friends and family again.

We send our rig teams aloft to brighten up the masts.

1145 hours

We enter our final approach to the Goodwin dock.

We see a flock of parents already gathering at the end of the dock as we close in.

Mouse over to give fire!
Mr. Roy and Mr. Woodworth fire a swivel gun salute.

With Mr. Woodworth's assistance, Mr. Roy gets the honor of firing our swivel gun salute to Goodwin, the Connecticut River Academy, and the waiting crowd.

The cameras are rolling as we close in.

Both our crew on deck and the waiting crowd search for friendly faces across the water.

On the dock, we have Ms. Reilly positioned to tend our lines along with transit voyage crew members Carolyn Niehaus and Patrick Noonan., who will stay on hand to aid us during our dockside programs for the rest of the month.

Roberto is our final sailor at the helm, guiding the Half Moon in to its berth.

The students aloft hail the crowds as we come into port.

1200 hours

Once we're in position, we pass our lines to Ms. Reilly and Ms. Neihaus, who quickly secure them.

Ending Position: Docked at Connecticut River Academy, Goodwin Riverside Campus, East Hartford, CT.
Latitude: 41˚ 44.7' N
Longitude: 072˚ 38.6' W

And just like that, we've arrived! The students have come home, right back to the campus of their school.

The gathered families are eager to see their loved ones again.

1215 hours

With no further delay, we transfer the crew onto the dock. Well, one further delay: we need to pose for the camera!

Now united, the dockside wellwishers and our crew head inland...

...and march into the nearby tent where the official arrival ceremony awaits.

Our crew members are no fools some of them head straight for the heat lamps that have been set up inside the tent.

1245 hours

The students take their rightful place, front and center...

...while the audience (made up of families, staff, and the entire CT River Academy student body) pours in.

Alan Kramer, Dean of the CT River Academy, opens the proceedings and acts as master of ceremonies.

Todd Andrews, Goodwin Vice President for College Relations and Advancement, is next at the podium, speaking on behalf of Goodwin College and its president, Mark Scheinberg, who is himself returning from a trip abroad.

State Senator (and former teacher) Gary LeBeau addresses the audience on the importance of education and the value of Goodwin College and the CT River Academy's programs.

1300 hours

Captain Reynolds follows him at the podium. The students spontaneously rise to offer him a standing ovation on his way up.

Captain Reynolds uses his time to congratulate the crew and award the students with certificates of accomplishment. Mouse over the student portraits on the crew page to see each student receive their certificate!

After hearing from Captain Reynolds, it's time for the teachers' perspective. Ms. Bisson speaks on the incredible experiences offered on the Half Moon...

...while Mr. Roy calls out the students for their individual accomplishments.

And lastly, it's time we heard from the students themselves. Last night, the students elected Erica to speak on their behalf, and she reflects on her time aboard.

1315 hours

But wait! This ceremony serves dual purposes. Dean Kramer returns to the podium to seque into the second portion of the proceedings. Not only are we celebrating the return of the Half Moon's crew, this ceremony serves as the official opening of the Connecticut River Academy!

The CT River Academy, which opened its doors for the first time just a scant few weeks ago, is currently housed in a temporary building just a few hundred feet away. In two years, however, when our student crew will be entering their junior or senior years, the school's permanent building (pictured here) will rise just north of our current position.

CT River Academy Principal Linda Dadonna concludes the ceremony, speaking on behalf of the new school and its students.

1330 hours

With the end of the festivities, we finally reach the joyful reunions. Student sailors rejoin their families...

...teachers are reunited with their students...

...and, of course, the teachers and staff catch up with each other as well.

After the ceremony, we break for a casual reception before heading back down to the ship, where the students will spend the rest of the afternoon unloading their gear and helping to prepare the ship for the dockside activities to follow.

And so concludes the 2010 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery. Hearty congratulations to all of our capable crew members. We're already eagerly looking forward to the Half Moon's return next year!


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