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Meet the Crew

You can either scroll through these pages or click on a face to jump directly to that crew member. At the end of the voyage, you can see our new crew members receive their official (and exclusive) Half Moon crew shirts.

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Student Crew

Student crewmember Annalise

Marine Science Magnet School

Hello; I'm really excited and anxious for the Half Moon trip! It's really exciting to know that I am going to be sailing on the sea, making scientific exploration with a handful of people that share the same interests as me. I love adventure!

Annalise is on Port Watch.

Student crewmember Clinton

Connecticut River Academy

Hello! I live in East Hartford. Things I like to do include texting on my phone, playing basketball, and playing football. My dislikes include vegetables and chores.

Clinton is on Starboard Watch.

Student crewmember Connor

Connecticut River Academy

In my spare time I like to play sports, hang out with friends, and party. I play only one sport, even though I enjoy the others. Tennis is the sport I play in the spring, summer, and fall. When winter comes I go to Vermont to ski.

Connor is on Port Watch.

Student teacher Deniro

Connecticut River Academy
2009 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery Alumnus

I'm from East Hartford. I like to play soccer. I like being on the water or in the water. I enjoy being outside and hanging out with friends. I play video games sometimes when I'm bored.

Deniro is Port Watch Leader.

Student crewmember Faith

Marine Science Magnet School

I live in Ledyard, Connecticut. I'm going to the Marine Science Magnet School in Groton as a 10th grader. I love sailing and anything to do with the water. I am part of a Sea Scout ship, which is Boy Scouts on the water. I enjoy hanging with friends and swimming. I'm 15 years old. I can't wait 'til the Half Moon. I hope I have a great time!

Faith is on Starboard Watch.

Student crewmember Hayley

Marine Science Magnet School

I am almost an ordinary rank Sea Scout and I'm very excited to be going on this six-day Half Moon voyage. I love sailing, hikinh, skateboarding, dirt biking, drawing, swimming, hanging out with my friends, and learning about the ocean. My favorite thing about myself is my personality; I'm very friendly and enthusiastic and I like to smile. My favorite color is cobalt blue, my favorite smell is vanilla, my favorite shoes are All-Star Converses, and my favorite animal is an elephant.

Hayley is on Starboard Watch.

Student crewmember Jason

Connecticut River Academy

I'm 15. This trip is pretty cool so far and I can't wait to manhandle some fish! I skate, fish, hunt, and play guitar.

Jason is on Starboard Watch.

Student teacher Joey

Connecticut River Academy
2011 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery Alumnus

This is my second time on the Half Moon. I am looking forward to all of the new crew that will be joining us and I hope to have as good of a time as I had last time. I am excited to return as a student leader. I'm from East Hartford, and my hobbies are football and MMA.

Joey is Starboard Watch Leader.

Student crewmember Jon

Connecticut River Academy

I'm from South Windsor. In my spare time I like to relax and go fishing. I also like playing soccer; soccer is my favorite sport.

Jon is on Starboard Watch.

Student crewmember Liana

Hale-Ray High School

Hey. I'm from East Haddam, which is like 859,247,000 miles from here. My mom works at the Connecticut River Academy. She's pretty weird. Then again, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I like to play video games and go swimming and whatnot.

Liana is on Port Watch.

Student crewmember Liz

Connecticut River Academy

I'm 16 years old and I'm extremely excited to be on this ship. I'm happy to meet all of these new people from another school. Singing is my favorite thing to do. Can't wait!

Liz is on Port Watch.

Student crewmember Morgan

Connecticut River Academy

I am 15 years old. I race motocross. I like to ride my bike and snowboard; I also like film and turtles. I like scooters too.

Morgan is on Port Watch.

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