Shakedown Voyages & Special Projects

Click the links below to revisit our past shakedown voyages and special projects.

Athens-Staten Island Transit Voyage (August 9-11 2011): The Half Moon traveled downriver from Athens, NY to Staten Island in preparation for the Founder's Voyage.

Poughkeepsie-Athens Transit Voyage (July 28 2011): The Half Moon traveled from Poughkeepsie, NY to its summer berth at Athens, NY, completing a two-month round-trip voyage.

Kingston-New London Transit Voyage (June 19-24 2011): The Half Moon traveled through the East River and Long Island Sound to reach New London, CT in preparation for the 2011 Fresh River Voyage of Discovery.

Kingston Tours (May-June 2011): The Half Moon spent three weeks at the Hudson River Maritime Museum in Kingston, NY, offering public tours and special programs.

2011 Shakedown Voyage (April 8-10): Volunteer crew joined us on board to test out the Half Moon's systems at the start of the 2011 operational season.

2010 Half Moon Discoveries Voyage (July 17-25): Voyage of Discovery alumnae and alumni returned to the Half Moon for a week to tape a video pilot for a classroom educational project.

2009 River Day Voyage (June 5-13): The Half Moon is leading a flotilla of heritage vessels from Manhattan to Rensselaer to usher in a wave of local Hudson-Fulton-Champlain Quadricentennial celebrations.

2008-2009 Haulout (November-March): The Half Moon spent the winter indoors, undergoing major physical improvements.

2008 School for the Sailor (May 30-June 1): A weekend of intensive sail training in Athens Channel for a crew of historical re-enactors.

2008 Legislator's Voyage (May 21): A special one-hour sail along the Albany/Rensselaer waterfront for members of the New York State Assembly.

2007 Rebuild Project (May-July): Making major material upgrades to the Half Moon in Athens, NY. The next phase is scheduled for August.

Spring 2007 Shakedown Voyage (April 27-29): Transporting the Half Moon to Athens, NY.

Spring 2006 Shakedown Voyage (April 7-9): Testing out the Half Moon's rebuilt engine.

2003 Rebuilding the Beak: Replacing the ship's cramped original beak with its relatively roomy current incarnation.

The following voyages are currently archived, but they will return:

Fall 2005 Shakedown Voyage (November 11-13): Testing out the Half Moon's rebuilt engine.

2005 History Channel Documentary Premiere (March 28): Celebrating the release of Conquest of America: The Northeast.

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